\ in·flu·ence \

noun, the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others.


Influence is where things come full circle. Society wants to persuade us to believe that influence is all about numbers. The real truth is that it’s about trust. How can you have the power of influence without gaining your audience’s trust? That trust affords you the opportunity to leverage your skills and knowledge to create a lasting impact. Influence. 

Can your audience see themselves in your story, in your creation, in what you have produced from your dream? Once they can, you will have the power of influence.

How I Influence Others .

Empowering others to leverage on my experience, skills and resources.

Speaking engagements

Speaking Topics such as
- Relationships Matter
- The Journey of Discovery
- Dream again

Inspiring communities

Some of my initiatives
- TEDxAlief
- Churches/Ministries
- SWAT for Christ

Mentorship & Coaching

Coming Soon
- goblaq
- 25women

Giving back

Coming Soon

Create &

Let's create your dream together