\ ˈdrēm  \

noun, often attributive

a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.


I was not always a dreamer even though I believe everyone has the capacity to dream. I lacked the ability to see beyond the confines of my reality, and I resigned to a life of mediocrity as I struggled to attain my desired high expectations. When I discovered my voice, I realized that I had something to say, and gained the confidence to speak while people stopped to tune in and listen. This experience initiated the desire and pursuit of my dreams. 




What if I told you that the situations in life that caused you to stop dreaming are the very fuel you need to dream again?

seeing beyond myself...
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To Raise over 1000 women that are passionately impacting our world

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To optimize my processes and endeavors by 110% through collaboration with the right relationships.

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To Design, Develop and Distribute TV & film content to 100 Million homes

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To reach and impact over 150 countries with the gospel of Christ through media, speaking engagements.

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